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History of kennel

      In my childhood I liked dogs very much. Sometimes, when my parents didn't know, I visited training areas and with happiness in my heart looked at the people teaching their dogs to do different things. I think that all the kids dream about the dog. I also imagined that I would be at the area and I would do all the trainer's orders. I thought the trainer was a God!
Russian spaniel Berta       I've done it! My first dog was Russian spaniel Berta. It was bought in 1985. Berta was the present of my Father's friend who was a hunter. I started to rear her. I always dreamed about the day we would train together. This day came, and it was my first disappointment. I didn't know that I could train only working dogs. I didn't want to go home. I cried. I walked with my dog along the streets. I thought that my life was awful, but then I caught sight of a bookshop. In this shop I saw a big book about training of dogs. I stopped crying. The book was bought. I really wanted to show everybody that we could do it!
      Now I understand that I made lots of mistakes. But in my Past this book, which was read thousand times, helped me to find the way to another world, the world of dogs. When I was a child I didn't think that dogs wouldn't be only a hobby, they would be a business of my life. But soon my dog Berta died. She was ill. I tried to help her, but I couldn't do anything. After that my parents told me that Berta was the last dog in our house. But I didn't submit. I started to collect money in order to buy a puppy of East European sheep-dog. I worked all my holydays( I got up at 5 a.m., but I did it for my dream).
Dai Kraibonny (Rait)       I collected money for a year, and in 1987 I bought a dog. His name was Dai Kraibonny (Rait). I was so happy. My parents understood me. All the year I read different books about dogs. But there was my second disappointment. My expensive and pedigree dog wasn't so good as I wanted. Besides, he hadn't 2 upper teeth. We could train, but we couldn't visit shows.
       We passed all exams; we started to take part in training shows. First, it was in our native town, but next it was in our region. We started to work with Force structures. I ended my courses of trainers and started to work in the dog's club. But my dream was showing dogs. And I started to study showing dogs.
      In the end of 1990 I bought the 2nd dog. It was a 7 month old dog of a German sheep-dog. This dog took part in the exhibitions, but her nature was horrible. In spring of 1991 Rait tragically died. I will always remember him. After Rait's death I gave my second dog to my friend. I thought that Rait was my last dog, but once, when I walked, I caught sight of the dog, this was rottweiler. It was the first time when I saw him in a real life. I was surprised; it was the best dog I've ever seen!
       I came to dog's owner. I wanted to know more about this breed. But the dog, walked before my coming, came to me and stood on my way. The dog didn't growl. It didn't want to do something. It just stood and looked at me. The dog was discontented about my present. His owner told him some words, and the dog came with him. They left, but I knew that my dog would be rottweiler. After two unlucky purchases I decided, that the choice of my new dog would be serious. After the puppy "without a brain", I wanted to find a working dog. In the end of May I bought my first puppy of rottweiler. His name was Veld Back ARS (Bantik). His father was very famous, his name was Kerk. He was the dog of Olga Grin. This was the appearing of this breed in my hose. His nature was perfect. Thanks to him I like this breed very much.
NEGRYS (KESHA)       In summer of 1998 I bought my next dog. This was NEGRYS (KESHA) (RUS RPH NEKAR AIFEL x TSYRTSEYA S LUGOVOJ). He lives with me just now. He has a perfect exterier and working qualities. He is the champion of R.F., The Champion of RKF, and The Candidate to Champion of National club of exterier. He's a winner of competitions for working qualities and absolute winner of "Kuban's Cempionship-2005", and festival "Russian Triumph - 2006" for traditional aspects of train.
      In autumn of 1999 I bought my next dog of rottweiler breed - Arlett s Teplogo Doma (Arljusha) (BLACK SAKS HIKSON X BUY - DATEL S TEPLOGO DOMA), which becomes a striking and temperament dog. Soon she began to win. Now she is the champion of R.F., a winner of junior championships and adult championships.
      In 2002 I bought my third 5 month old rottweiler. His name is LEON VAR EDISON( VARIK) (WARO v. BURGTHANN x HIMMEL WANNE T* BONY) (FROM EDLEN HOUSE), which soon becomes the junior champion of R.F., then the Champion of R.F. But he wasn't just a showing dog; he has perfect working qualities now.
      In autumn of 2004 I got a "little alien" my beautiful mops LILU IZ YUZHNOY LEGENDY (LJOKA) (KENDRAS GABRIEL MAN IN THE MOON x AFINA YUZHNAYA LEGENDA).
      In 2006 I filled up my collection. I left a granddaughter of VARIK and ARLETT - GIZU S TEPLOGO DOMA (GRIZLIK) (OSWALD S BEREGOV TURY x RENE S TEPLOGO DOMA). And I bought two puppies of Labrador Retriever: "Energy chocolate" EDLEN HOUSE EVROPA (KLJOPA) (STENVEYS GET POPULAR x GOODQUITE'S GLAFIRA) from nursery where I bought VARIK. And I bought another labrador Noch S VESELYM HVOSTOM (NJUSHA) (BARTOLOMEO KING BLAK x ALAN - MATRJONA) , her parents were searching and saving dogs of M/CH/S and champions of Russian and South of Russia for saving works.
      As I had an idea of my own nursery, in December of 2005 I decided to open my nursery. After that we started to think about the name of the nursery. How many names we've got! My children laughed and told me to call it "Abracadabra". (By the way, another nursery has got this name). And then my daughter told me: "Name it, like people name horses; take all first letters of the names." We did it. And we have got LANVENG (LILU, ARLETT, NEGRYS, VAR, EUROPA, NOCH, GIZA). And in May of 2007 we started to be an official nursery.